Aladeen - 0.1.0


The objective of this document is to provide basic introductory information about included functionalities, known issues, instructions guidance for the Aladeen release of the All Scenarios OS project.

The All Scenarios OS project is meant to serve as a solid base foundation for products. It is not a standalone product itelf, but rather a starting project for other projects and products.


Release codename: Aladeen

Release version: 0.1.0

Release timeframe: 2020/11/15 .. 2021/04/12

The objectives of the release

The purpose of this release is to provide the European All Scenarios OS project with a set of initial functionalities after the first code release in September, 2020. This April release serves as a solid foundation upon which we can share the entire 2021 roadmap of the project.

More details on the All Scenarios OS goals can be found in the All Scenarios OS vision and aims document.

The list of software features included



Bitbake build infrastructure

Build tools

Continuous IP compliance and Openchain IP policy

FOSS compliance

Linux 5.10


Zephyr 2.5


FreeRTOS (experimental)


GCC / LLVM cross toolchains


gdb / gdbserver debugging


Qemu targets for Intel and ARM


Build flavors and base / extra root fs images

Build tools and root fs

Smart Panel Blueprint

Reference Blueprint

Continuous IP compliance and Openchain IP policy

FOSS compliance

Release Bill of Material and FOSS compliance dashboard

FOSS compliance

Application Compatibility Test Suite

Testing and compatibility

CI / CD pipelines and DevSecOps public cloud infrastructure


Web portal and communication assets including Twitch channel


Automated sphinx-based documentation pipeline


Test report

Not available for this release.


Quick Build provides an example of how to build the All Scenarios OS project for a supported target. Visit the Hardware Support section for instructions on how to build for other supported targets.

Visit setting up a repo workspace for general instruction while using the release tag for the repo init commands as follows:

repo init -u -b refs/tags/v0.1.0

Known issues

The Avenger96 target (stm32mp1-av96) does not ship with firmware files for Bluetooth, Wifi and the image processor by default. We are working on a solution to re-distribute them during the normal image builds for this board.

Source code available

For more details on our repo structure, see:

OSTC group at GitLab document

Devops infrastructure

To learn more about our approach to CI (Continuous Integration) strategy used for this release, please see:

Continuous Integration document


For more details please refer to:

The xts_acts Repository document


If you are a developer eager to know more details about All Scenarios OS or just an enthusiast with a patch proposal, you are welcome to participate to our All Scenarios OS ecosystem development. To do so, please sign-up using the process described below:

Contributing to All Scenarios OS document


Project manifest as well as project-specific meta-layers, recipes and software packages are, unless specified otherwise, published under Apache 2.0 license. The whole operating system built by users from the project manifest is an aggregate comprised of many third-party components or component groups, each subject to its own license conditions.

Official project release includes only the project manifest as well as project-specific meta-layers, recipes. Any reference binary image, build cache and any other build artifacts are distributed as a convenience only and are not part of the release itself.