96Boards Nitrogen


Nitrogen, a compliant IoT Edition board provides economical and compact BLE solutions for various IoT projects. This board includes the below features:

  • Nordic nRF52832 microcontroller

  • 64 KB of RAM

  • 512 KB on-board flash storage.

Nitrogen hardware supports the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 ARM Cortex-M4F CPU.


For more details on 96Boards Nitrogen, see Nitrogen product page.

Working with the board

Building an application

All Scenarios OS OS Zephyr flavour is based on Zephyr kernel.

  • Source the environment with proper template settings, flavour being zephyr and target machine being 96b-nitrogen:

$ TEMPLATECONF=../oniro/flavours/zephyr . ./oe-core/oe-init-build-env build-ohos-zephyr
  • You will find yourself in the newly created build directory. Call bitbake to build the image. The supported image name is zephyr-philosophers.

$ MACHINE=96b-nitrogen bitbake zephyr-philosophers

MACHINE variable can be set up in conf/local.conf file under build directory or via command line.

Flashing an application

Installing pyOCD

pyOCD is an open source Python package for programming and debugging Arm Cortex-M microcontrollers using multiple supported types of USB debug probes. It is fully cross-platform, with support for Linux.

  • The latest stable version of pyOCD can be installed via pip as follows:

$ pip install --pre -U pyOCD
  • To install the latest pre-release version from the HEAD of the master branch, do the following:

$ pip install --pre -U git+https://github.com/mbedmicro/pyOCD.git
  • To install directly from the source by cloning the git repository, do the following:

$ python setup.py install
  • Verify that the board is detected by pyOCD by executing the command:

$ pyocd-flashtool -l


When ValueError: The device has no langid error is displayed due to lack of permission, perform the instructions as suggested in https://github.com/pyocd/pyOCD/tree/master/udev.

How to flash

  • To flash the image, execute the command used to build the image with -c flash_usb appended. For example, to flash the already built zephyr-philosophers image, do:

$ MACHINE=96b-nitrogen bitbake zephyr-philosophers -c flash_usb