Community Chat Platform


The All Scenarios OS project has a friendly community providing an open platform for discussions. The OSTC Mattermost instance is used as the primary communication tool by project members, contributors, and the community.


To access the OSTC Mattermost instance, one will need an account on the project’s GitLab instance. The chat platform will handle the authentication through GitLab, redirecting the user accordingly. New account registration can be handled through this authentication process as well by using the Register now link in GitLab.

  • Go to <>

  • Login request will redirect you to <>
    • Login using an existing account

    • Create a new account following Register now link

  • The system will redirect you back to <>

Chat Channels

The OSTC Mattermost instance is organised in channels. The main one is the Town Square and provides a default place for communication.

To join/explore other a public channel, do the following:

  1. Select the + symbol at the top of the sidebar.

  2. Select Browse Channels and search through the list of Public channels.

  3. Select Join to join a specific communication channel.

For more details on using our chat platform powered by Mattermost, check out the Mattermost User’s Guide.