The meta-ohos Repository

The meta-ohos repository contains meta-layers specific to All Scenarios OS and is the second most important repository after the manifest repository.

The CI pipeline is defined in the file .ostc-ci/gitlab-ci.yml.

Shared Job Definitions

The meta-ohos repository does not maintain the list of configurations to build. That list is included from the manifest repository. In result both repositories observe the same set of builds jobs, covering all the supported configurations.

The pipeline customizes the .build job to allow the build process to take into account any changes being introduced to the meta-ohos repository by the incoming pull request. This is done by setting the OHOS_CI_GIT_REPO_PATH variable, which is used by the .workspace job defined in the manifest repository.

Special Jobs


This job runs whenever a merge request is made, or when changes land in the default branch and in addition, the docs/ directory is modified. This job builds the documentation with sphinx and ensures it can be built without any warnings or errors.


This job runs whenever changes land on the default branch and affect either the pipeline or the docs/ directory. This job triggers the pipeline of the OSTC/OHOS/docs repository, ensuring that any change to documentation present in meta-ohos is reflected in the aggregated documentation build maintained in the docs repository.